Machine learning for humans

Stream user actions as they happen. Put the perfect item suggestions where you need them.

Step 1
Track events as they happen

Stream user interactions in real time, just like you do for Mixpanel or Segment – or use one of our integrations for even simpler setup. Every click, like, and purchase helps Tamber learn to understand your platform.

Codeless tracking, for enterprise

Subscribe to our enterprise tier and automate away all of the pains of data handling.

Step 2
Set the rules for your engine

Use the dashboard to configure how your engine will use your events data to make recommendations.

Step 3
Personalize your app

Find the content your users didn't know they wanted – before they search, or bounce.

Start showing users what they want, before they want it. Get your free API key and get setup in minutes.

Want to try our demoware? Our demos are exclusively customized for your needs, so you can experience the accuracy and speed of Tamber first hand.